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Enter your strava activity segment url below
  1. Using your web browser (NOT THE STRAVA APP), navigate to your ride on Strava.
  2. Click on the current week's Strava Shootout segment in the list of segments that appears at bottom of your ride.
  3. Wait for the URL to change in your URL bar (may happen instantaneously or there may be slight delay)
  4. Copy and paste the URL into the text box above
  5. Click submit and verify your result looks correct in the list of results for the segment
  6. If you run into any problems, send me a detailed message of what URL you are pasting into the box and what error message you are seeing. My email address is kartoone76@gmail.com
  7. See the screenshots below the submit button for further clarification

If you are using the new ride page format, follow the first screenshot below

If you are using the classic ride page format, follow the second TWO screenshots below